Origami Alphabet

Origami Alphabet by Jo Nakashima

Alphabet Origami introduces you to origami, the Japanese art of Paper folding. Origami can be enjoyed by both children and adults. These video tutoriales shows you how to CREATE Alphabet capital letters with paper. Let’s fold paper and spell out names, initials, your pet’s names, and so on. Children will increase vocabularies by building Words with folded papers.

Origami Alphabet . Difficulty Level

From this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make 3d origami letter “A”. Author of the model is Jo Nakashima. You can also choose the level of difficulty – easy, medium or hard.

If you can spell it, you can fold it!

If you can spell it, you can fold it! Try folding your favourite word or create an custom word banner with these origami letters.

You can make your board more interesting by also using Number Origami or Animal Origami. Origami develops children’s hand coordination, small motor skills, and increases their curiosity and imagination. Let’s have fun folding!

Recatngle 15 cm x 7,5 cm. If you are new in origami try to use rectangle 15 cm x 3,75 cm and divide it into 4 parts, not 8. Time about 8-10 minutes.


Video Tutorial


[Sr.Dimitri]I can barely get up to the minute 4:33 maximo xd
[Flora mirchal]wat is the starter page size??
[jorge encalada]What kind of paper do you need to make your origami alphabet
[ Angie Liseth Cifuentes A ]De que tamaño es el papel????
[ Aya A ]It’s in the description :))
[ slender typed tissue 11 ]Daniel Vicente Cazorla it is half a square
[ Akhil Oswal ]Thanks for these videos, the design is amazing! I would like to use these alphabets for a stop motion video for a project. Please let me know how to contact you for more details and consent?
[ Austin Richard ]i feel like i’m the only one here that doesn’t complain about reading diagrams or people not talking in videos. stupid trolls.
[ MilitarWorld HoodMen ]I like the way you make origami show some more cool stuff!
[ Ruchelle Burris ]You need to start talking…. I didnt understand the 2nd half
[flamey potter ]I made it in like 2 hours while he made it in 7… I feel so stupid
[ Kika Mal ]+Angela Chuang stupidity has nothing to do with it. I wasted 4 sheets before i got it right. You need patience, practice and the right paper – especially the right size and not too thick. Keep folding, keep smiling!
[ Hasufel y Arod ]Letter W can be rather useless if your native language is Spanish. It is a borrowed letter that comes in words borrowed from other languages.
[ Hasufel y Arod ]+elena eng It means that W is a letter used in loan words from English to Spanish.
[ David Harris ]how do u get the 15cm x 7.5cm paper
[ Salma Sayed ]cool come to my house and make me 1 ill give you my adress
[ Mi Mundo de Origami ]Me gusta como hizo la A mayuscula porque se parese a la Mayuscula A
[ Jeremiah Muoneke ]My friend, you have amazed me with this. Can I use any a x 2a rectangle?
[ Alexandra Coronado ]Una cosa sabes que un amigo mio se esta pasando por ti porque me ha dicho que busque ese nombré pero sus manos no son de el porque es un niño i tu no esres un niño creo no se bueno solo te lo digo
[ Kika Mal ]Another A+ for you Jo! My Christian name initial looks great! ^_^ I love it!
[ Eduardo Flores ]Always do the ACCORDION FOLD!
[ VanR swears it ]if ur gonna do this at least do it right u dont show frame by frame and only do one view of it can u upload some better “how to videos”
[ chiaralb ]Hi, thank you for the tutorial. Which kind of paper would you recommend for folding the alphabet? Would regular printer paper be ok?
[ Kika Mal ]+chiaralb I tried it with printer paper and it is a bit harder to fold the creases. It would be easier if you got a bigger size printer paper than the one indicated here, for example instead of 15×7.5 maybe 17×8,5. The final letter would be much bigger though! I think thinner paper like origami paper or textured crafts paper or even a magazine page sheet would do best. I have also tried it with a magazine page and it worked fine, though sometimes the printed ink can make your fingers feel a bit “sticky”. I hope this helps you :)
[ Kika Mal ]+GD Ashtonator0 Anyway you do it – I did it the coloured side down – you end up with a semi-coloured letter. My A has its left leg white and all the other segments coloured :) I hope this helps and I hope someone else got it right and can tell us…
[ Md Rahman ]This channel has so many hard to do origami so I dont ever visit it the only channel I visit is + layla torres origami spirit because her voice is amazing and she has easy to follow instructions

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