Easy Airplane The Blackbird

blackbird The Blackbird plane is a simple and good to fold paper airplane. It uses basic folding techniques employed throughout the rest of this origami-blog. To be successful, follow the steps shown on the video carefully and precisely.

The most important element is to pull up the nose of the plane, and carefully press and align the back, as shown in the video and images. Also, make sure both sides are folded evenly on every fold throughout the plane assembly.

Flying tips for paper airplanes
l) Fold paper evenly. A firm sturdy shape flies best.
2) Fold the tail fin straight up.
3) Use pressure when folding to ensure crisp points.
4) Throw straight.
5) If plane loops, add weight (e.g., a paperclip) to the nose.
6) To climb, trim the elevators up. To dive, trim the elevators down.
7) For stunts, trim one aileron down and the other up. This will make the plane spin and roll as it flies.
8) Trim rudders to the right for right turns and to the left for left turns.

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Video Tutorial: How to flod and Fly

Paper Airplanes Glossary

TheBlackbird150Aileron (or flap) – the hinged, movable trailing edge of a wing used to alter camber, and therefore lift and drag, especially during landing.
Crease – the result of a fold.
Elevator – a horigontal control surface at the trailing edge of the plane that can be bent up or down to control or cause climbing or diving.
Fin – the upright part of the tail.
Fuselage – the body of the airplane.
Rudder – a vertical control surface at the trailing edge of the plane that can be moved to initiate a right or left turn.
Stabiliger – the fixed horiyontal part at the tail of the plane.
Trim – fold or bend to control turning, climbing or diving.

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[Mahir Cecen ]
Do you have difficulties following this tutorial?
[Enilro Ramlihp ]
I dont have difficulties i
[ Mahir Cecen ]
That still is really good, most people give up long before that, keep this attitude! :-)
[ judith jeffery ]
can you guys say if its hard men this is hard
[How to fold]
Impossible is just a word: 02:24
Like if you made this paper airplane! Are you always giving up so easily?
[marcusseth46 ]
Do you think 2:06 part is confusing?
very good but hard
[ Mason Anthony ]
it’s really hard to tell where to fold with the red paper
[ Grahame Fitzgerald ]
You need to put words in it I can’t keep up with you
[ Yahir Zaldivar ]
and every time i try to do it meeses up
[ king efra ]
its hard to make it almost looks like his yousing 2 papers
[ La Zarzuela ]
magnifico me encanta vuela super bien tedoy un like
[ Mersaidez Campbell ]
I’m doing this for since club we are having a competition by the way I’m in grade 8
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Das kann mann ganicht valten
[ xvipgirlmspx Ram ]
OMG dit is nederlands en die reacties zijn engels xDD
[ Epicalty ]
No offense but it seems like you are a little obsessed with making sure your folds are secure in other words you spend too much time folding one fold
[ Nabeel Pervez ]
Red on both sides makes it very difficult to follow, would be awesome if you can please post video with a different colour or use paper with one side plane and one coloured.
[ Yahir Zaldivar ]
is it going to be easy to do please because. i just now how to do one airplane
[ Ники Огниянов ]
I have uploaded a new video Can you fold it already ?
[ Deniz Alkan ]
Sjonguh Jonghu zedde gij un nederlander
volo el 100% llego hasta la escuela y lo volé en la casa
[ Sanju Thokchom ]
very nice……!!!! perfectly goes up in the sky and stays very long……

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