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How to make origami, history and how to learn more about art paperThe art of origami began in Japan when the monks bought paper of China in the sixth century. The origami maintained its religious and ceremonial character until 1600, when the paper began to beproduced in greater quantity and was cheaper to get. Paper folds became a common form of entertainment throughout Japanese culture. Today, it is known throughout the world. If you want to do someorigami figures for yourself, here are some models for you to try.General Tips to make a good Origami Before you start folding the leaves here are some tips to make your work easier:Make the folds on a smooth, flat, solid and well-lit surface; Use thin paper if you are a beginner in this art or if you make a model with many folds; Avoid using expensive paper at first; Keeping hands clean to avoid contaminating your origami; Before you start bending look if you know all the symbols of the instructions, if you do not know any, but learn; Follow the steps correctly; Stresses the bending nails; No hurry, patience is very important to make an origami, especially if it is your first time; Make several times the same model. Do not forget that practice is what leads to perfection; If you lose the order of the instructions, not desesperese! Compare what was done with the diagram image or video, if necessary, initiate; You can use the papers received on the street for practice; If you do not have colored paper can paint your own. This colore and protects your work. Origami is for fun!The orlgami is portable you can play anyone at any pIace and anytime. The Origami is education is relevant to mathematics, social sciences, language and the arts. The Origami improves motor skills, cultivate self-esteem in children, teaches patience and creative play. The Origami promotes peace, helps us to focus on the present moment and to leave the stress. The Origami is economic and ecologic, it can be done with paper magazines or envelopes. The Origami is artistic, is poetry with paper and play with colors. textures and shapes.  It is the joy of the process and outcome satisfaction. The origaml is social, builds bridges among people of all generations, classes and nationalities. It’s a beautiful way to express love and appreciation to others.

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