How to fold the Origami Rose


How to fold the Origami Rose by Toshikazu Kawasaki

Toshikazu Kawasaki, an math teacher and origami designer in Japan, invented the The Kawasaki Rose. This model is actually a family of origami rose designs, all based on a unique curling technique that creates the illusion of overlapping rose petals.

It’s a challenging origami design, but well worth it to fold. Our step by step photos will guide you through. The designer of this rose is Toshikazu Kawasaki and the model was shown in a book, “Roses, Origami & Math (Hardcover)”.

The steps are complicated a bit. Level: Advance. If you are an origami beginner, I do not recommend you to start working on this rose. Please start with “standard rose” first and next with plain “Kawasaki’s rose”. Then you will be ready for this rose.

You may use any kind of paper to fold the Kawasaki rose flower. It is recommended to use a paper with the same color and texture for both front and back sides. The reason is that a part of back side will be shown in the final model. Make sure the paper that you use is a square (all sides are equal and all the angles equal 90 degrees). The paper I am using here is 20cm x 20cm

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Video Tutorial Easy to Follow

This is the full pre crease and assembly. I hope you will find this video tutorial easy to follow, this is the way I find the easiest to make sure the rose turns out well.

This page is for those who want the instructions to fold a new Kawasaki’s rose flower. Sometimes it is called angled Kawasaki’s rose. The designer of this rose is Toshikazu Kawasaki and the model was shown in a book, “Roses, Origami & Math (Hardcover)”.double-qutation mark The method I am using for folding quite different from the book.

The original Kawasaki roses are (1) Full-bloom Kawasaki Rose, (2) Budding Kawasaki Rose, and (3) New Kawasaki Rose (or Angled Kawasaki Rose). The rest of them are modified versions of Kawasaki roses.

If you want the diagram, you can Download Here!



[Alquimia92 ] DUDE!!!!!!!!!! You got me right at the end!! With the small rose inside the bigger rose!! OMG I never thought on doing it like that! Beautiful modification, def. will try it this weekend! Thank you so much for sharing it! =)
[Origami Made Simple ] Thanks so much, I was finally able to fold it! Great job teaching it, by the way! You get a huge like from me!
[ Александр Початовский ] thank you. Already make 3 of this for my girl)
[Александра Пестиенко] It’s great.I really liked it. I tried to do it and I did it!
[Irvinder Saimbi] You are the best teacher I have seen on youtube teaching how to make roses!!!!
[Степан Мешалкин ] thank you very much my friend, you helped me a lot
[Sara Łukasik ] Wow! Amazing! Fantastic! Thank you!
[Hoài Nguyễn] Thank you so much
[Cherratina Pankey ] arg !!!! colorful word colorful word !!!!!! @#$&*$# are you kidding me @#$^& I got as far as the first channel. My square is neatly on the bottom. but other channels. … oh @$/^* there Is no way! I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MIFFED I AM RIGHT NOW ! @#$/^* !!! X10
[Origami Made Simple ] What size for the smaller rose?
[Nancy Rose Black ] amazed :)
[aaa aaa] You should have added how to fold the second petal, once blocked the first. The tutorial would have been much easier.
[TheInuyashafairy ] What type of paper do you use.
[jackson jiang] you use realize alot
[I see you… ] What size paper???
[Candrayu Sotyaningtyas ] amazing tutorial !! thank you so much Conrad :) is there any video that we can download and play again later in our PC, since I got only limited internet connection ?
[ lilalo15 ] You are a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ hide styles “hidestylez” ] you are the fuken man with the master plan , triple thumbs up
[CHAN-kun] The ninja star in the middle always sank for me. xD But other than that, I did it~ Thanks for the tutorial. :)
[Fairy Mama] Awesome and amazing! Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’m going to be teaching an origami flowers class the day after tomorrow, and I think I will likely attempt to teach the Kawasaki Rose to my students. I’d never folded one before tonight, but thanks to your tutorial, I can now do it without reference, and with luck I’ll be able to pass it on, and point folks to your channel.

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