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How to make the Origami Rose by Jo Nakashima

This video is a step by step tutorial on how to make the origami rose by Jo Nakashima and is the best gift for a loved one. Giving a rose that you have folded yourself is a gesture of pure love and devotion.In the video you will see how to make a single rose with stems and leaves. To make it a bouquet, you will need to make several and tie them together with a rope, right along the base of the stem. Then wrap the stem in paper, and add a plastic wrapping as well if you prefer, and you should have your finished bouquet.Posted in Simple Origami FlowerOrigami RoseIn my personal opinion, this is one of the easier roses to make, and takes hardly any effort or skills in origami. It also looks extremely beautiful. Have fun with the project Obviously, a lovely glossy red paper will be very effective for the rose, but for a different take, why not try some cooler colours or patterns? My paper: color set (any paper like copy paper and origami paper works well) 20cm x 20cm (rose) 4cm x 4cm (leaf) 4cm x 16cm (stem) NO Glue


Video Tutorial by Jo Nakashima




If you have any doubt or suggestion Make it Here ! How to fold the Rose . Tips and folding techniques .

0-8.50 – nice and slowly, nice and slowly8.51 – fuck all the physic laws lmao
[Anika Wee]
Sigh pretty much gave up at 8:56
[Monica caicedo michaelis]
Me encanto la rosa
[Miqueias Artes]
l like ….
Gave up at 8:50
[Roderick Huang]
Thanks for the video.Its great!! Suggestion: it’d be better if you can indicate the reference crease to which we mountain fold and valley fold, and if you could indicate the orientation of the paper, like have the 3×3 square at bottom right. Overall I made my 1ST rose in my life for my current girlfriend, I feel like a achieved something and am very happy jajaja
[kotek 4465]
8:50 – Challenging part.
[Otto Mendoza]
Wtf you don’t even say what type of paper it is
No puedo con el 8:50! he hecho tres intentos con diferentes hojas pero no me sale ese paso! ayuda
[Pablo de Dominicis]
No se puede pelotudo
[Khader Daikin]
Can you teach how to make a flower vase in school
[Ángel Rojas]
Paraque el video sea mas fino debes que abra conversar :D
[Freismary muñoz]
No me sirvio para nada
[Maisarah Abu Bakar]
If you guys didn’t get to do at 8.52 , maybe you just need a thicker paper?

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