The Largest Origami Flower

The Largest Origami Flower. Guinness World Record


Was made for Machiko Ikeoka and her team

Japanese Dubai Resident Won a New Guinness World Record in Versailles. Machiko Ikeoka’s team and the gardeners of King’s Kitchen Garden created a historical event by reviving Marie Antoinette for a new luxury record.

The Largest Origami Flower has a diameter of 5.08 m and was made with a rare Japanese golden Futa-washi (a traditional paper from Kanazawa, Japan). Luxury Parisian Tea House, Nina’s Marie-Antoinette and Le Potager du Roi de Versailles are the creators of the this mega-Origami Flower. The achievement of the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD was recorded on October 1st 2016 in the imposing Kings Kitchen Garden of Versailles.

Has a diameter of 5.08 m

guines This Guinness project shared with hundreds of children in Versailles was aimed to remind everyone of the importance of craftsmanship and transforming simple things into beautiful art. “We are proud to bring this Japanese spirit to Versailles with such an innovative project requiring a team of 8 people to rise the Rose instead of just one, marking team spirit and intelligent hands” said Machiko Ikeoka, Nina’s Marie-Antoinette representative in Dubai from Kanazawa.

Nina’s Marie-Antoinette is the only official partner that proposes tea made each year from handpicked fruit and roses from the Kings Kitchen Garden of Versailles, the oldest Kitchen garden in the world. Founded in Paris in 1672 by Pierre Diaz, “La Distillerie Frères” was the first perfumer to distil lavender and rose essences used for perfuming gloves at the time. Nina’s succeeds the know-how of crafting unique aromas directly inspired from the original Versailles Court to create the best aromatic teas.

Video: How the world’s largest origami flower was made

Nina’s Marie-Antoinette is fully dedicated to revive the legend of the Queen all over the world by sharing the iconic image of Marie-Antoinette with local partners in Dubai. The luxury Tea House strongly believes in collaboration with local distributors all around the Middle East to create a unique time travelling tea experience in celebrating the refine taste of one of the world’s most famous Queen, Marie-Antoinette.

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