Origami Lotus Flower


How to Make an Origami Lotus Flower by Tadashi Mori

In this video tutorial you will to learn, how to make an origami Lotus flower designed by Tadashi Mori. An awesome origami project that is easy and looks really cool. Beautiful right! And so easy. Your friends will think you are an origami master! I have my little Lotus flowers sitting around my house making my shelves more interesting and creating conversation. A great way to use one of these flowers would also include slipping a sweet little note right into the center of the pedals and gifting to a friend or loved one.With 12 piece of paper and some clever folding, you can make a delicate origami lotus flower. Here’s how to do it. You will need: 1) 13.5 by 7.5 cm yellow double sided paper x8 for the lotus flower petals 2) 13.5 by 7.5 cm green double sided papper x4 for the lotus flower leaves.

Easy to fold Origami Lotus Flower

The beautiful origami lotus is much simpler than it looks! Make it with some special textured paper for a lovely effect. It works best with paper that is a little flexible, as step 7 (see the video below) can sometimes make the paper rip if it is too brittle.Origami Lotus Flower by Tadashi MoriHave you ever heard that the soothing power of repetition has a calming and peaceful effect on the spirit? By repeatedly folding this traditional origami lotus flower that calming effect is precisely what you might experience. When we fold the same origami figure many times, maybe even experimenting with different papers and sizes, we also begin to discover some of its secrets. As we understand the folding process more clearly we can develop easier ways to fold it.


Video tutorial by Tadashi Mori

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[Felicia FollumHace]Ooooh onde voce mora? no Brasil? Obrigado para esse “tutorial”
[Ana Laura Garcia]Muito legal!!
[Tauriel Marhovlic]I had a lot of fun making this lotus origami in my office, only using waste color paper but it turns out very well :) Thank you Tadashi! :D
[supraja sethuraman]its really awesome
[Tinesh Amirthalingam (Tinku)]But there is no agmark sign to conform it whether an original lotus or not and it’s boring. 😂😜😁🐀🐀
[Amina Yonoszadeh]it looks so beautiful
[chxcolate]too hard to make…………
[Fatema Udaipurwala]super
[Jennifer Grove (Dark Moon)]THANK YOU FOREVER for the English subtitles! Stunning!
[Nightowl341]Anyonw know were I can get the paper he uses? I used other paper and it was a mess :/
[Jenya G.]ви можете перевесте урок на руском язике
[LifeGamerBr]qual o nome da folha usada no video ?
[Baek Ho Jeong]That’s super cool !!!!
[Rachel Pomar]Todashi, muito obrigada pelo tutorial tão explicadinho. Estou levando para o asilo que estagio como arteterapeuta. Beijão e continue com sua incrível criatividade! 
[Sarah Nguyen]So is it ok to use just half of a square piece of paper for the parts?
[Rian Van Der Pol]I did that, worked perfectly
[Jhonatan Nunes]Como é o nome do papel? 
[BitchToday]I did that and it was a mess
[Kaua Kati]obrigado tadashi mori me ajudou muito
[DP Gaming NL]Cool!
[Blue Sea]Me gusto mucho y es facil.Gracias!
[StrewthFroogals]I made this today for my mom!! wasn’t perfect cause I used construction paper and it’s thicker D: but it still looked cool! for anyone using construction paper, make sure your folds are as neat as possible it’ll save trouble later in the process!
[Honglienhoa Buddha] Hello! Thanks for your to teach…I am really enjoy & love it!!! 
[Diego Santoro]muito boa! só tomem cuidado, não fica tão grande quanto parece
[Severina Josefa]gual e o nome da folho q vc esta usando messe vidio ?
[Sinnoel]Does this work with 7.5 cm * 15 cm paper?
[Severina Josefa]cara eu vou fazer essa flor de lotos 
[lucky]Very beautiful
[Melissa Domingues] Consegui fazer e ficou perfeita :3
[toeknee Origami]Hi, i was curious who the designer of this model is? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks for the great tutorial.
[Edna Inagaki]Maravilhoso, parabéns..

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