Origami Twirl.

How to Make an Origami Twirl Flower by Krysyna Burczyk

In this video tutorial you will to learn, how to make an Origami Twirl. This is a modular flower that is perfect for mother’s day gift . The twirls are so perfect that the petals look amazingly natural. Designed by Krysyna Burczyk. Folded and video tutorial by Sara Adams. An awesome origami project that is easy and looks really cool. Beautiful right! And so easy. Your friends will think you are an origami master!

Recommended paper: card stock with a weight of at least 200gsm
Recommended paper size: 5 squares of size 9cm x 9cm, cut in half (approx. 3.5in x 3.5in)
Resulting model: flower with a depth of 5cm (2in), diameter of 7.5cm to 9cm (3in to 3.5in)

This video describes how to fold – or rather twist – the origami twirl made of 10 “just twist” modules designed by Krysyna Burczyk. Krystyna kindly gave the permission to make this video accessible to you.

Krystyna’s website: origami.edu.pl
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Video tutorial by Sara Adams


[chalkwarelady ]This is so beautiful and the tutorial is exceptional. It was done so calmly and so relaxed. Thank you for sharing. A great mother’s Day or birthday addition.
[MacIrish22 ]Awesome :) you did a great job, thank you for sharing your talents with us, your tutorial was very informative and easy to follow… Your step by step instructions makes it so much easier than those that just spit it out in 5 minutes and you cant understand what they did…. Good Job!!!!!
[Angel Diaz ]diooos pero que lento explica, el video pudo durar 4 minutos cuando mucho, es muy buen origami pero muy estresante de ver¡¡¡ god but slow explains, the video could last four minutes at most, origami is very good but very stressful to see.
[Toby Olisa ]thanks so much my mum will love this.
[Rizna Abdul Cader ]it.s very nice thank you so much.
[Jennifer Nguyen ]would printing paper be alright? or would that be too thin?
[Olga ]A lot of thanks!!!
[happyfolding]I’m glad you liked the video!
[ Juwelry ]very beautiful
[Lolos Butters ]Thank you Sara I’ll try this now :), I just finished the fir tree ( wich gave me a headache xD and ended up hating it haha) but I’ll try this next for my mom, thanks for the vid
[rigdigwus ]holy shit, the whole thing could be explained in ~5mins -.-
[ Liliana Villagra ]a pesar de no entender el idioma lo comprendi perfecto gracias lo voy a realizar 
[ Dylan Leonine ]Steps are information. 
[Dana Star ]thank you it is very beautiful and easy kepp doing things like this.
[rotaj malak ]very loooooooooooooooooong video u can cut half of this video away , anyway the final shape is really nice :D
[Hannsen Lim ]is it better to use big head and small tail chopstick to make the twirls or straight all the way chopstick?? the circle made, is it same size all the way?? 
[ Florencia Hernandez- Corpuz ]I hope I can demonstrate how to make the paper flowers to my granddaughters.
[ beth santaella ]Awesome Thanks Congratulations for your nicehands Preciosa idea precious idea from Caracas Venezuela
[ erictib ]Speak less !!! In fact don’t speak at all.! It was too long , it’s very simple to do there’s no need for voice instructions.
[MrTipptiger ]Just Twist??? it’s a little bit harder to do…;) realy good tutorial, thanks

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