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Category: Acrobatic Posted in s-boom[1] Origami paper planes Acrobatic Airplanes are the “hunting dogs” in the world of origami paper airplane. This planes will perform amazing loops, corkscrews, and all kinds of stunts, while getting lots of distance, and still flying. Unfortunately, due to it’s extraordinary features, they spend much longer on the houses roof and tree branches :-)Acrobatic Origami Planes are designed to be launched in all kinds of ways. Most do well with a launch with no great force, directed upwards, so the aircraft fly away from you and making turns or acrobatics. If we launched with high strength generalmante perform well in one or two rounds or rounds before they land. Make more than 2 rounds is not that difficult, you just have to refine wings on every pitchHow to Get Great CirclesFor your aerobatic aircraft to generate enough twists, first put the plane with big lifts. When throwing the planes, throw it hard outdoors, but more moderately indoors. While the planes are flying, make sure that it glides and falls at the same time so the plane will fly better. Then give it a good shot with enough force and in the plane model or direct an upward angle or directly on the ground.

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