Paper Helicopter.

How to make a Paper Helicopter that Flies

Is it a bird or a helicopter? Did you ever wonder what would happen to a helicopter if the engine stopped while it was flying? No, it wouldn’t fall out of the sky. The air flowing through the blades would make them spin, creating lift and allowing the aircraft to become an autogyro, descending slowly rather than crashing down. The Robo Chopper is also an autogyro, and should be launched by throwing it straight up into the air.

The blades will remain folded down until the top of the climb, at which point they’ll open and the aircraft will spin rapidly as it begins to fall. For spectacular flights, drop it from somewhere high, like down a staircase.

Your whirly bird helicopter will twirl and soar through the air. Learn more about how to make paper helicopters. The helicopter is a classic design that spins rapidly as it descends. It works great when dropped from a high place. Try different amounts of weight on the bottom tab. Notice that the helicopter spins in different directions depending on which direction the rotors are folded. This video is on how to make a paper helicopter.

Video Tutorial Paper Helicopter


A Vehicle with a Spinning Vertical

The Paper Helicopter is a unique design for a vehicle with a spinning vertical descent. Stand on a chair or other high place and just drop it. One way to decorate it is as a jet-pack flier.

You’ll find his tail and his head separately under More Wings & Tails. All you have to do is match up the two halves at the appropriate points and he’s ready to fly. To easily customize this flier, change his uniform and add markings to his helmet. Another appropriate design for this is a helicopter design. Jettipped ‘copter blades can be found in the Hardware file.

Fold step by step:

Don’t Forget: Cut along the solid white lines. Fold in on the dashed black lines (so you can’t see them anymore) and fold away on the dotted gray lines (you’ll still be able to see them along the outside of the creases).
1. Cut Robo-Choppers apart as shown.
2. Take one chopper and cut along solid white lines as shown.
3. Fold down on lines 1 and 2.
4. Fold in along line 3.
5. Fold in along line 4.
6. Fold up along line 5. If you want, tape fold in place.
7. Fold the blades down along lines 6 and 7 as shown.

origami helicopter



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[ ThryonWexus]Pk t’ecris en anglais?
[I do things out of spite]To save about half the video you could just have told us you want a strip of paper about 1/8th a standard a4 sheet.
[ MrFebie21]That wasn’t flying, that was falling with style.
[ Aiym Samatkyzy]Stop complaining
[Xining Xunnee]i don”t wanna waste my time by making this silly thing
[Dr.K.P.S. Sengar]I like it
[Aymen El malki]Name pf this track plz
[Baseba11man 2002]If it doesn’t work at first try putting a per clip on the bottom
[ Fready Royson]its nt helicopter its a fan
[ Bhag Singh]wow WOW VERY GOOD
[ Parul Agarwal]Epic
[ Jerry Kung] I guess you also got a ruler.
[ amrit subedi]ha ha jerry kung funny
[ Hey that’s Pretty]I don’t know but I live in uk there is a tree what has these helicopter things when u throw in air it spins
[ Verwin Gonzales]can i use pad paper??
[ Mike e Playz]I saw this on my moms new app to how to make paper planes and you made it better😀
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[ Mkbatman]you have ugly feet.
[ Fun or Run]paper and wait a minute got it scissors i became a pilot hurrey
[ Caisey Woodruff]Yes I agree with Kiana Kealy
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[ Bella Beauregard]Thank you. My son is obsessed with helicopters and he absolutely adored this when we made it.Simple, yet awesome!(ฅ•.•ฅ)♪
[ Bella Beauregard]Not until we watched this haha. I knew how to make generic paper air planes for him yet that was it. He is Five years old
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