Omniwing Paper Airplane Instructions.

OnmiWin Paper Glider

How to make paper planes. One high performance Origami Glider: The OmniWing

The OmniWing is high performance Origami Glider designeb by Mike Kelsey. Fast, long range and simple, the Omniwing is a stealthier, its balanced design allows it to fly quickly whilst also retaining the ability to fly fairly slow if desired as well; this makes it an excellent trainer. In addition, the design is simple enough to allow further development easily. It can be made from a single sheet of standard typing paper, and a little transparent tape. With practice, folding of the OmniWing can be made in just a few minutes and and unlike other paper airplanes, will fly right from the design table, with very little tuning required. It is a distance champion, having won two consecutive paper airplane contests in the early 1970′s. There are several variants of the Omniwing: Super Omniwing, OmniScimitar, Turbo Omniwing, Turbo OmniScimitar, Proto-Omniwing and Manta flying wings. Materials Required: 1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper, Tape, Scissors, Pencil and Ruler

Video Tutorial: How to fold The OmniWing


How to Launch and Fly the OmniWing Paper Airplanes.

Choose a large room to test fly your wing. The larger the better, but you can get some reasonable flights in your living room if necessary. Just tell mom it’s for a science project at school. Or if the air is still outside and there is no dew on the grass you can do launches outdoors.

If properly folded, your Proto-OmniWing should fly fairly straight and level. It may take several tosses to learn the natural speed of the wing. You will want to match that speed with the forward motion of your arm. It is more of a gentle steady push rather than a throw.

Flying the OmniWings is what it is all about. As much fun as it is to build a paper airplane, the end result should be the enjoyment of flight. Everyone at some time has had the opportunity to build and launch a paper airplane. Those that have taken the time to build the OmniWings can attest that these wings do launch and fly a bit different than your school room dart that could reach the chalk board from the back row of the classroom if the paper airplane was tossed hard enough.

These school-day darts barely showed any true aerodynamics and indeed were merely projectiles that were dependent on a strong arm and accurate release of the craft at such a nose angle that it’s trajectory, (usually a parabolic curve) would avoid hitting the ceiling, while still making forward progress without hitting the pretty little red headed gal in the back of the head. You could achieve similar results by simply wadding the paper into a tight ball and giving it a toss.



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How to Fly  the OmniWing.
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Omniwing Paper Airplane Instructions.
Omniwing Paper Airplane Instructions.
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If you have any doubt or suggestion Make it Here ! Tips and folding techniques .

[Andre Martinez ]Oh I love making these. When I was about 11 years old, I had an interest in flying diy stuff and I even made a working ornithopter! <3 thank you for inspiring me to be more creative and innovative! I'm just 14 by now :D
[indio mara]no se entiende mejor es otro este maldito no es un maricon puto degraciado
[pauljs75]Now do it on hard mode: no tape, fasteners, or adhesives.
[Mortal -Kombat X ]Very easy thank you
[haji mahadini haji ismail]Is Really Good good good
[NitroJunkie626]Love this plane! I’ve made quite a number of these both stock and modified. Recently, I constructed one out of gloss flier paper. My theory was that the Omniwing would fly farther and faster if made with a heavier material. I was correct, but I must also add that my overall design varied slightly from the original. For the most part, it was built the same way, only I added winglets and taped the flaps down with no twist so that the airfoil is symmetrical. I also omitted the taping of the cut scraps to the leading edge, feeling they were unnecessary with such dense paper. Now in order to fly with these mods, I had to crimp the trailing edge upward a bit, aim up, and throw extra hard. The result was a blazing fast wing that flies high and far…but stalls as airspeed decreases. Sometimes it stalls high enough that it flies back inverted! (although it falls short of the launch point) Theoretically, a ballast of some sort would remedy this, but I found that it just m
[Lucy]Makes one chase after a proper CG. (the ballast brings the plane down, but adjusting the “elevator” accordingly simply causes a stall) My final thoughts are that this particular variant is far from perfect, but it’s slightly elevated performance inspires me to continue experimenting with the Omniwing and rediscover why I love flight to begin with! Tha k you for designing and sharing this amazing aircraft!
[airplane special ]yeah man that is a good plane yo
[Ariel Lescano ]eso vuela…anda!
[SkyDogsGaming ]very hang glider inspired! love it.
[SkyDogsGaming ]oh, watching this in 2015, I thought you would have made them in around 2007, taking stuff from high performance gliders. very interesting.
[Rechema Roberts ]i like your airplanes
[goldenfish77 ]It’s a very very good plane! Thanks this uploaded vid!!! :)
[Emanuel Maldonado ]no ablo ingles
[Ranold Maravillo ]ow its so cool
[이은규 ]this plane flies in really awesome way. i lost my first omniwing when its first fly, bcuz it flew over so far away so i couldn’t even anticipate where it gone.
[Sumit Ghosh ]Not really bad
[THE FNAF FANDON DESTROYER ]More like ‘stairplane’ hah,get it?? Nah forget that it works and flies really well!!!
[menamiketrx ]For more challenge, check out the OmniWing with Modifications and then the Advanced OmniWing on my channel. More challenging builds, but even greater performance.
[amani watson ]Lol this is so old… memories :)
[mauricio amaro ]When I throw it it flies upside down .aniway great video
[DominoGames]if ye have trouble fold up the tips for stability instead of curving also i put elevators and elevons so i also added a bit of tape that i can grip on the bottom
[mauricio amaro ]I try making it fly ,seen all the omitting videos red the hole website and it doesn’t want to fly.i competed it to yours and it looks exactly the same.
[MONICA DRISDEL ]oh, watching this in 2015, I thought you would have made them in around 2007, taking stuff from high
[Mario Font ]genial, con esta practica, mis alumnos disfrutaran, salu2
[sileshi kassaye ]Can you make something that is a little easy
[Vampire Volverene ]it is very smooth! I don;t even have to push it I just let it fall and somehow it goes foreward
[sileshi kassaye ]At first I made it and then when I tried it it didn’t, fly
[Pj Hollingsworth ]mine looks like crap but it still flies like a plane thanks!!!
[ Lizeth Bringas ]Thanks it glides súper awesome im goin to make more !!!!
[Francinaldo Soares Sebastião ]parabens esse video e melho do que os soutros que eu vir Aleks Tetarium ]It works but, 1. It dives 2. I couldn’t figure out how you did the twist on the nose. BUT your plane is Amazing I love how simple your tutorial was!
[Edgar Hernán Rodríguez López ]This glider flies like a dream. Totally awesome! Thank you Mike!
[Jessica Nye ]awesome… flies super well, very creative methods for every piece of the paper. loved its flight. takes a few tries to master flying but only a few and once mastered, it really flies! awesome job.

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