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Category Hunters Paper Airplane HunterPosted in paper airplanesPaper planes are made in many shapes and designs, depending of the model the plane is designed and built with very different shapes, speeds and flight characteristics. In this section, we shown the faster ones: The Hunters.Because they are very thin and elegant the Hunters airplanes are perfect for quick shots at eye level or above. They are the best paper airplanes to fly them inside, they do not require much space.The airplanes hunters can be thrown with a lot of strength. They fly fast and can fly for a long distance. However, they don’t stay aloft for too long. Those paper airplanes are designed for bored people in office. When they are flying are truly spectacular.Paper Airplane HunterFor the Hunters, the best way to launch it in a straight line and an upward angle. Most flight distance is obtained at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground.If instead you want to achieve a goal that is not too far away, it starts right up and as hard as you can usually be more than enough. Remember, never aim a paper airplane on someone’s face. You could easily hurt one eye or two!

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