The Origami Mirage.

The Origami Mirage

The Origami Mirage
The Paper Mirage 2000 is a excellent paper airplane. I was amazed the first time this left my hands and sailed — nay — floated to a perfect landing. The large wing area makes this glider easy to trim and especially graceful in the air. The ‘landing gear’ helps the aircraft stay graceful during landings and on the ground, but I’ve surprisingly noticed that it seems to fly better with the landing gear ‘down and dirty’ than with those tabs tucked away.

Finally, if you fold down the wings carefully over the fuselage and air intakes, you will see a genuine replica. of the Mirage. Later on you can put flaps in the wings and the next step after that is the rudder on the tail. Your Mirage should then be able to fly in various directions and in time you and your friends could organise formation flights.

Take a sheet of paper A4 8 X 12in (21 x 30cm), and follow the instructions described below step by step Paper FoldingOrigami Mirage How to fold, How to fly.

The Real Avion Mirage, was made by the French aviation company Dassault, has proved itself to be one of the best. jet aircraft ever produced. The delta-wing design which many aircraft engineers had long forgotten, was used again and gives the Mirage its characteristic shape. Like the Swedish Saab 37 Viggen, it is easily recognisable in the air, even to the uninitiated, so long as it isn’t flying too high, of course.

The paper Mirage bears many of the same characteristics as the original: it regularly takes part in speed and aerobatic contests and is easily recognisable by its delta wings. Of course, there is a certain difference in the price.

Folding Instructions:

The Origami Mirage
paper plane
To fold the Paper Plane ‘The Origami Mirage’ you should follow step to step the following sequence.
  • On the Upper Left side appears the paper sheet before folding, on the Upper Right Side, appears the sheet after folding it. The left animation indicates how you have to fold the paper sheet.
  • After The folding you should click the button ‘Next’ to see the next step.
paper airplane The Origami Mirage
  • You have to repeat the previous step, until you finish folding the Paper Airplane.
  • With the button ‘Back’ you will return to the previous step.
  • The button ‘Start’ takes you to the step 1 and the button ‘End’ takes you to the last step.

How to Fly the paper plane Mirage

  • For greater distance, point the plane at an angle of 45 degrees upward.
  • If you want to hit a target at a short distance and accuracy, locate the plane at eye level and throw horizontally
  • For anything else, throw the plane as hard as you can in any direction.



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Jmk – [Czech republic – Cesky krumlov] –
I don’t understand how to do step n.7 :-( so many layers, plane is really thick, i just can’t fold it properly.
Jordane – [Uk – Edinburgh] –
My animation on 4 and 5 are not working what do i do??? and why does your post have to be over 17 words!!! that’s just strange
Clayton – [United states – Houston] –
I want to learn how to build cool looking airplanes to give to my fineds so we can raise money for gym equeiment
Sirfran19 – [España – ] –
Lo malo que tiene es que es muy difícil de hacer porque lo e echo por lo menos 5 veces y no me sale alguien me podría recomendar alguno mas fácil y que vuele mucho ?¿
Impreza – [Poland – Poznan] –
This goes to all the kids who cant figure out how to do step 4: concentrate on the animation, watch it all the times you need, and try to take reference points of where the “imaginary fingers” take the paper. i know you can do it without daddy, so keep trying, and never give up! wooow!!! this plane is so damn awesome, it beated my own best model in speed an distance by 1.5x!
Kayla – [America – Santa fe] –
U guys really need 2 put all the intructions on the page so i dont waste paper. u should see all the paper ive used so far for my science fair project! :o
Djnugget – [England – Lancashire] –
Oh my god i cant seem to figure out how to do step four i seriosly cant wait for my dada to come home so i can finish it
Dmark – [Little rock – Jacksonville] –
I relly want to learn how to fold paper air planes because every body in my class know how to but i dont.
Karan – [Uk – Milton keynes] –
I can’t do step 4!! only my dad can do it. he is at work and can’t wait for him to come back so i can finsish it off.
Joko – [Philippines – Bulacan] –
I have folded all the planes in this site but this plane is my favorite! i have won with my classmaets the longets range!
Theresa – [United states – Florida] –
You guys really need to chill im a girl ok and most boys can do it easy i got it the first time girve it some time ok work on it if u take some time to do it im tellin u it will come out very good and u will like it alot
Hrishikesh – [India – Mumbai] –
This website has cool airplanes and boats. but i cann’t find full instructions on how to make what i want. i had to google how to make the catamaran, and it atleast showed me how to make the bottom part of the boat. this website needs to have a part that shows you how to make the airplanes and boats.
B poodle – [Usa – Yorba linda] –
You have very nice planes, but your videos are not detailed enough. a word step through would help. especially on a plane such as the mirage. once it get complicated, your videos did’t show crucial parts. thank you for considering.
Master hugo – [United states – New york] –
I made it although my paper is to small but it flys like a rocket!! ha ha ha lol also the needle it spinz like a stunt plain alothough i made it times and times i need a bigget paper to make this
Bubblez – [Akransa – Torkinina] –
Wow i cant belive it flyes so stright i mean at first i thought you people were lying well until i tryed it so now when i go to challange my friends to a airplane contest i can build it and hope fully win well im gonna start making bets on whos can fly farther!!!!!
Bunny – [Canada – Ottawa] –
I´ve thought that is the most beautiful website about paper airplanes and origamis. i´ve never seen something like this website. its so wonderful, because i desire to work with origamis for parties onde day. thanks a lot,
Junio messi – [United states – Washington] –
Woooow!!! thanks that works better than any other plane i ever made it was a lil confusing towards the end though a lil cursing at the screen but… i got it!!! ^_^
Sara – [United states – Wyoming] –
This is one of the best origami sites i have seen for a long time. it is wonderful and i would like to tell everyone that it is so great that i have given it a place of honour on my website for the kids. brilliant and the menu that goes with it is just as good. thank you so much origamikids, fantastic.
Dick – [United states – California] –
The world record is held by gul majeed flying a paper air plane that comes back from nine feet around a pole and when flying it you can not move from where you fly it , the rcord is 300 time, time your self if you can do that
Rose mary – [United states – Washington] –
This plane was a piece of cake ;d got it at first attempt ^^ too bad the size of his a4 aint the same as my paper’s size xd or else it would have been perfect =)

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