Paper Airplanes

airplane-decorativeHow to make origami planeThere are many airplanes in “Origami-Kids” we decided to divide them into four main categories, which are presented below. Click on the link of each category to see the features and aircraft models includedPaper Airplane Hunter Hunters Paper Plane Glidder Gliders origami airplane acrobatic Acrobatic airplane-decorative Decorative Paper Airplane History The history of paper airplanes has never truly been established, but it is believed that the first piece of flying paper was likely a crumpled up piece of the first paper tossed aside to the garbage. Most historians believe that the Chinese were the first to build paper aircraft almost 2000 years ago,. Since they are credited as the early inventors of paper, it does seem logical that they would be the first ones to find a creative use for the substance. Just like any other flight device, there has been an evolution of paper airplanes to the point where they have become real serious flying machines.Okay, stop to read about history , forget everything you know about the paper airplanes they are not toys, they are technically high-performance paper machines capable of flying long distances at high speed. All models in this section really fly. they are not very easy to assemble because they are designed for demanding people, who want to build it for competition or to impress a friend. Here in Origami-Kids you will find guidelines, step by step animations and diagrams totally FREE for model airplanes for pliege Origami with 3D animations that have guided you in the construction of airplanes. Here you will learn how to make the best origami airplanes.

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