Origami Chinese Ship

Origami Chinese Ship by Jannie Schuylenburg

Origami Chinese Ship by Jannie Schuylenburg

This model is the Traditional Sail Boat with the variant of the Chinese Sails by Jannie Schuylenburg

Folder and Photo: @Origamikids

Difficulty level: Easy Time to fold 10 min. 12 steps. Folded from a one classic Blue and White Single Uncut square paper, about 22cm x 22cm.

Kids have been folding paper into boat shapes forever. But I bet you can still impress yours by helping them create this Origami Chinese Ship that really floats.

Diagrams in Origami Ships by Jannie Schuylenburg pages 44-46

How to fold? At the end of the page.

The video tutorial by Tadashi Mori show how to make the Traditional Sail Boat. Only need now the Chinese SailsPosted in How to Make a Paper Boat

Video Tutorial: Origami Chinese Ship

How to fold Here!
Option 1. Recommended by @origamikids
BUY THE BOOK! in Origami Ships by Jannie Schuylenburg pages 44-46

Option 2. Video Tutorial
The video tutorial by Tadashi Mori show how to make the Traditional Sail Boat. Only need now the Chinese Sails
Origami Boats: Origami Chinese Ship
Designed By: Jannie Schuylenburg
Tutorial By: Tadashi Mori



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If you have any doubt or suggestion Make it Here ! Tips and folding techniques .

[ Anastasia Hellmuth]perfect
[callmedaily ]measurements people
[ Bone Crusher]oohh nice i liked it
[perche man 93 ]thank you its very cool
[ Marina Per ]thanks a lot!!
[ MegaPokeMusic ]I have made 2 super-complex origami dragons,and quite well too.I’M 10.
[ jpjpjpjpx ]Cool thank you
[ origami man ]i am happy. your videos are Really hard and i succeded in making one of your models. i like your videos. problem for me is i want to fold all the dragons. i am not so good at origami. thx anyway
[ josuejosueyes oya ]very hard 
[ 167015muntaha ]it was in some mexican movie
[ gotzerbie ]What intro music do you use I’ve heard it before
[ raja mahua ]i totally hate it make a good boat stupid
[ maxanator1000 ]Couldnt get past the belly fold ugh
[ Gibson Athulathmudali ]Fantastic 
[ Andréade Ylönen ]Love this! <3 
[ Belucci/Iran BERNARDINO ]por favor faz a rosa de kwasaki em portugues
[ Joao Vitor ]nuss 5 horas fazendo o ryujin 3.5
[ LusaLoveHouse ]qe bonito adoro o qe vazes aserio! mas já podias falar portugues…
[ Kami Folder ]Ta legal esse barco
[ YoShirO KuRosaKi ]eu tentei fazer o ancient dragon do satoshi, seus videos con os steps mais complexos me ajudaram, mas eu não consegui fazer ele serto por q sempre erro no step 83 ao 87, mas eu faso do jeito q der , mesmo assin sai errado, tambem sai errado na 135 para cima , então ja fiz umas 4 vezes e não consegui , não te como vc possa me judar nesses steps ,
[ YoShirO KuRosaKi ] poderia me dar uma dica, q tipo de papel eu deveria usar para ir treinando e decorando os origamis,
[Peter Frabk]Tipo no ancient dragon eu usei o papel seda mas esse papel ele e muito fino e não vendem cuadrado eu q tenho q cortarlo é fica chato, valeu pela atenção tadashi até mais é boa sorte com o ryujinXD
[ YoShirO KuRosaKi ]mas então só ensina a fazer as escamas q com o resto eu me viro!! XD
[Enzo GrispoHace ] sure, not all of them but some do, however i’ve experienced that that paper is mostly more expensive… even when you add up all the xtra cost from online buying
[ Róbert Kiss ]What are you going to fold us next time? A wall or a carpet? :P
[ holykirby95 ]awesome i made a whole bunch of these and put stick figures in them and below them all i wrote “im on a boat” :D
[ castword ]Lulz. You’re awesome. Like your whole personality. It just.. works 
[ eruuris ] yeah they have it at michaels and acmoore :D
[ Enzo Grispo ]it’s… so…. CUTE!!!!!
[ Jonbirnil ]Wow, you’ve been making a lot of tutorials lately! Very nice job.
[ TheSandofGarra ]i remember when i was 6 i made these all the time
[ MrSTLucho ]does it float?
[ rgg3 ]OK. Anyone who can slip a sink into a basic model is pretty slick. Actually probably a good way to do it. If they can’t do it, no problem. If they can, they master a fairly advanced technique. Nice model. Thanks.
[Roy]Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! 
[ Jessica Germain ]Thanks, I love watching your videos.
[ Justin Lang ]awesome!!!!

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