How to Make an Origami Flower.

Origami Flowers: Folding Instructions.

giftIn this Section, we tells you how to turn ordinary sheets of paper into extraordinary creations: first hexagons, octagons and pentagons, and then by using radial creases, into intricate beautiful flowers with eight , five and six petals or even doubled numbers of folded petals.

Here you can make colorful, fancy potted flowers and ikebana out of store-bought origami paper by adding stems and leaves as shown.

Scissors, paper, and imagination are all you need to decorate your home with blooming flowers of your own, we show you how to fold , step by step, an origami tulip, origami rose, origami lily and through.

List of all flowers in this category:

The Largest Origami Flower
The Largest Origami Flower
Origami Twirl.
Origami Twirl.
Oragami Flower
Oragami Flower
Modular 5 Petal Flower.
Modular 5 Petal Flower.
Origami Lotus Flower
Origami Lotus Flower
How to fold the Origami Rose
How to fold the Origami Rose
The Red Iris
The Red Iris
Origami Rose
Origami Rose
Carambola Kusudama
Carambola Kusudama

Would you like to know how to make origami flowers?

Here you will find really easy origami flower, easy for kids and beginners. There are many simple craft flowers with clear diagrams and easy instructions.

Your kid will be able to make one in just a few steps. After making one, check out some other craft models or take on the challenge of more advanced ones.

Most of the paper flowers have a video tutorial to help you out as well! Choose from the list below to go to the instructions page for that flower.

The art of Japanese paper folding goes back hundreds of years. Designs range from simple shapes such as hats and boxes to more intricate designs such as the traditional origami crane. There are many kind of flower of paper for kids and some more difficult than others—here are a couple to get you started.

Flowers have been popular origami models for years, but many of the traditional Flower models are very fiddly and far too complicated.

Learn how to make many differents Craft Flower models. Instructions for the beginner and advanced user. Free origami videos and photos for inspiration.

We select the best videos related to origami flower published on YouTube: folding step by step, how to fold a modular models instructions and more. If you’re not an expert paper folder, maybe start with an simple flower model.

The Flowers of paper can be made from a variety of materials.

Including origami paper, gift wrap, patterned scrapbook paper, construction paper and tissue paper, there are a number of origami projects Flower-themed, to let you present a cash gift in a very unique way. Wonder How To has a large collection of instructional videos and photos for learning to create fantastic Oragami Flowers.

If you have trouble understanding written directions for an origami model, seeing the steps demonstrated may be the best way to get the information you need. Be prepared to pause the video several times, however. Many of the instructions move a bit fast for a novice paper folder to follow along on the first try.

Folding Flowers of paper isn’t much different from creating other types of origami figures. However, the process will be much easier if you remember a few key tips for successful origami.

Paper flowers for beginners.

Flower of Paper are easy to make and require little time. They are carefully designed using different types of paper (crepe, silk, napkins) we have to cut or bend, depending on the model and the chosen method.

 Origami, or the art of paper folding, has a multitude of techniques for performing different styles, from simple to more complex objects.

Therefore, you can convert a single sheet of paper into a frog or a beautiful lotus, as evidenced by our tutorial presented.

This will bring a touch of originality, when you are decorating the table for dinner, certainly. Origami is not unique technique for designing flowers there are several that use different paper cuts and several teams, but the origami technique is the most economical and accessible to all, we only need paper and good tutorials.


Origami Categories:

For a easy search of the models, we divide the site into the following categories:Paper Origami Flower

How to Make an Origami Kusudama Flower.

The Japanese kusudama is a paper model that is usually created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal units together through their points to form a spherical shape.

Alternately the individual components may be glued together. (e.g. the kusudama in the lower photo is entirely glued, not threaded together) Occasionally, a tassel is attached to the bottom for decoration. Source.

rosapqWhen learning how to fold origami flowers, you’ll definitely want to add the kusudama flower to your list of projects. This pretty flower is relatively simple to fold, but sure to impress all of your friends.

Many novice paper folders make the mistake of assuming kusudama refers to a specific species of flower. The Japanese word “kusudama” can be translated as “medicine ball.” Kusudama origami is origami made of several identically folded units that are glued together or sewn together to make a spherical shape. Kusudama is often considered a precursor to the modern genre of modular origami.

In a kusudama flower, each sheet of paper is folded to form one petal. Then all of the petals are glued together.

Children ages six and up should be able to fold the kusudama petal with a bit of practice, but will likely require adult assistance to make the completed flower. Source

Origami and Flower of Paper.


Here are several tutorials show you, step by step, how to fold beautifules flower of paper.

The flowers of Origami can be made with sheets of paper recycling and beautiful origami papers. Flowers can be accompanied leaves origami. Folding a flower origami.Folding explained to achieve a beautiful lily origami folding. Explanations with images, text and video to explain how to achieve folding a sheet of paper and turn it into lily.

Perform folding the origami lily along with your child. The first flower made you will quickly fold! For more effect, you can use double-sided paper.Videos for Making Flower of Origami.
I Love the Leyla Torres tutorials. On her page you will find links to origami video instructions for making paper flowers templates easy, such as dandelions, a calla lily, some geometric flowers and roses; also popcorn and strawberries! Click an image to view it’s associated video and blog post. Below the thumbnails, you will also find a window to view our Youtube playlist for flower of origami , fruit and food.


Sadako and Senbazuru.

rosa-150One of the most touching origami stories is the one of Sadako, a young girl from Hiroshima. The legend says anyone who creates one thousand paper cranes will have their biggest wish come true.

Sadako Sasaki was a survivor of the atomic bombing at the age of two, and in 1955 she was suffering from leukemia. Knowing she was very sick, even though she was only a girl, Sadako hoped to make the cranes to restore her health. Having seen other children passing from the same disease, she understood her end is approaching and instead of her health – she wished for world peace and that children in the world will no longer suffer. She died after having made 644 cranes, but her classmates finished her legacy and buried Sadako with a wreath of 1,000 cranes to honor her.

Since then, a paper crane and the name of Sadako Sasaki became an international symbol of peace, while the city of Hiroshima hosts a statue of the girl releasing a paper crane into the world. A group of thousand cranes is called Senbazuru in Japanese, and every year her statue is adorned with heaps of charming origami birds.Origami is also an excellent decoration, gift wrap or a gift itself. Source

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